IT4BC - Protect your workstations, servers & laptops 24/7/365.
IT4BC - VoIP Saves Money. Some save hundreds and some save thousands, but everybody saves.
IT4BC - Off-site Failover 
keeps your business running,  even when your building is not.
IT4BC - Get the latest tools 
without the cost of ownership. Let IT4BC host and administer your server platform.

Backups / Recovery

Stay protected with a comprehensive Backup & Disaster Recovery solution. On-Premise and Remote Backup & Recovery combined with Cloud Disaster Recovery gives you instant access to your encrypted data slashing recovery times.

Monitor / Management

ITComplete constantly monitors your network notifying you to potential problems before they become critical. Self Healing logic automatically responds to many possible conditions including, Security, Maintenance and the Health of your Hardware.

Hosted / Managed

Save thousands of dollars by eliminating purchasing and maintenance of the hardware required to run your business. Save thousands more by eliminating purchasing and maintenance of your server and software.

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