About partnering with IT4BCHow can VoIP save my company money?
There are two ways VoIP can save your company money.   The first is by simply lowering your monthly cost for traditional telephone services.   The second is by providing you with the benefits of an Asterisk powered server.   Full business features like, Interactive Voice Response for custom voice menus, Call Flow Control for call handling after-hours or holidays, Find and Follow-Me so you never miss a call and Voicemail to Email so you always stay in touch.  Of course these are only a few of the many services at your disposal when you move to an Asterisk powered server.  

What is RMM and how can it my company?
All customers who sign up for Remote Monitoring and Management are given their own Windows/Linux/Mac/Mobile(ios,android) agents for use on their devices.  Using these agents it's possible to proactively correct common issues before they cause downtime and automatically maintain the health of networks and the devices connected to them.  This could be proactively backing up network equipment, workstations and servers, applying updates including Security and Third party and  delivering detailed reports on  the status on all things monitored.

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