Backup Solutions

Whether you require simple file based backup and recovery or full off site server fail-over, our helpful experienced staff is always available to assist.

IT4BC uses industry leading commercial software hosted on local equipment in a secured environment. These applications combine to provide the most efficient and secure data protection platform possible.

Utilizing advanced compression and deduplication ensures backup and restores use as little bandwidth as needed. This lowers the amount of time required for backups which is of great importance to mobile (laptop) users or when backups are very large.

British Columbia residents have the added benefit of our local support.   Even when full recovery is in Terabytes our technicians can quickly place a copy of your encrypted data on an external drive and have it delivered to you the same day. Customers located in more remote areas can have it shipped to them the same day. It's called our expedited shuttle service so even if you don't have days to recover your data there is no need to shy away from a cloud solution.

All DataShelter backups can be encrypted with up to 448 bit Triple DES or Blowfish ciphers protecting your information from even the most generously funded industrial spy.

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